Run Avast Smart Scan & Repair Issues

Avast Smart Scan feature not only detects virus and malware but it also find outs outdated software, browsers add-ins, network threats, poor PC performance and other complications. To run a smart scan you just need to open your Avast User Interface and go to protection, then click Antivirus. There click on Run Smart Scan tile to start the scan. To know more about Smart Scan contacts us at Avast Support Number UK. You can even review your scan results, the green ticks indicate that there is no issue and red ticks indicate that you need to pay attention to the problem. 

You will see the following things in the results:

• Conflicting Antivirus: If you have any other antivirus installed in your device that it will cause conflict making your computer slow and Avast ineffective.

• Virus: Virus is a malicious code that is capable of harming your system.

• Vulnerable Software: Some outdated software makes your PC vulnerable for hackers.

• Bad Browser Add-ins: Unknown browser extensions can harm your computer.

• Network Related Issues: weakness in your network can lead to attack on your router and network devices.

• Performance Issues: various things can hamper your PC performance such as junk files, setting problems and many more.

• Poor Password: Password that anyone can easily guess or decipher is weak password that can lead to account hacking.

To resolve any of the above issue click Resolve All, it will open up the detail of each issue. If you want to resolve any particular issue then click “Resolve” or the relevant green button. If in case you want to skip any issue and view the next one then select “Skip”. Once you are done with resolving all the issues then finally click “Done” to return to the main screen of the software. In case you get stuck in scanning process or repairing issues then you can contact us on the spot at our toll free Avast Help Number UK. We will provide you instant help.


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