How to Uninstall ‘n’ Install Dell Printer Driver

If you are having any difficulty in installing the driver for your Dell 926 All in One printer then this blog is perfect for you. Here we are going to discuss how you can uninstall the previous printer driver and then install the driver for Dell printer.

Uninstalling the present Printer Driver

•Turn off the printer and then disconnect the USB cable from the back of your printer.

•Click the start button.

•Point to All Program, point to Dell Printer and then point to the listing of the Dell printer.

•Then click the Uninstall Dell Printer icon.

•When Dell printer uninstall confirmation window comes, click yes. (It will take some time, so make sure your printer is powered on)

•When Dell printer un-installation windows appears, click “yes, I want to restart my computer right now” and then click ok.

•Once the computer gets restarted, the UN-installation process gets complete.

If you get stuck anywhere in between UN-installation then contact Dell Printer Support Number 808-238-7544 for help.

How to Prevent Canon Printer Paper Jam or Fix It?

Definitely Canon is a great printer brand and it manufactures printer of great quality and style but common printer problems can still stop its functioning or delay your work. One of the most common issues that I think every printer user must have experienced is of paper jam. It can happen anytime and anywhere in the middle of printing task and with a paper jam you cannot continue with printing. You cannot eradicate the problem for always but yes you can try some measures to avoid this issue.
·Overfilling the paper tray can cause paper jam issue, so better not fill the paper tray to its capacity. ·Make sure your printer slider is adjusted properly as per paper type and size, otherwise you will experience frequent paper jam for sure. ·Never mix different size of paper. ·Always keep paper correctly seated in the slot or the tray to avoid any jam or paper stuck issue. ·Prefer to use standard office paper as other papers can cause problems because they have different dimensions. If you are un…

Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips If You Can’t Start Windows

When you can’t start your Windows program or experience blue screen error that could be any hardware of software issue. It will be difficult to analyze what exactly caused the issue but there are some tools and measures you can try to fix the problem. You can try them one by one to fix the issue.
Solution 1: Undo any recent change
If you have made any changes in your system then maybe they are causing the issue. You can use System Restore option to undo any changes made by you. Don’t worry system restore won’t touch your files, documents, emails or images. It just undo changes made in the system. For this go to the START button and then in the search field type System Restore and from the search result click on System Restore.
Solution 2: Action Center can help you find solution
Windows always create a report if there is a problem with any hardware or software and Action center looks for the solution available for the particular problem. Click on Start button and then go to Control pa…

What Are the basic Firewall Settings of AVG?

Antivirus firewalls are designed to monitor network traffic. It keeps a watch on the communication between your computer and unauthorized network connection. If you want to keep your system protected make you your AVG firewall setting is customized properly. To manage its settings open AVG program and click on its menu and then select settings, after that select Component and then click on Firewall and select Customize to make changes. You should consult a technician at AVG Support Number UK before making any changes in your Firewall settings.

Firewall Profile for Each Network that you should connect:
Public: The network which is publically shared.
Private: The network that you trust.
Specify Firewall Default Rules
These rules decide how the Firewall should behave when you run any program for the first time.
Auto Decide: The software itself decides how it behaves as per its own settings.
Allow: it allows all the programs without any pre-defined rules to access the network.
Block: Block al…

How To Troubleshoot Avast Activation Issues In Mac?

Previously, people don’t use the antivirus services to protect their systems. Nowadays, with the introduction of newest technologies, our systems have become more prone to the infections causing agents that may harm your system premises. In this regard, it is essential to hire an Antivirus security. Norton is the good attempt for safeguarding customers’ physical devices and the personal information their devices possess. But this service also includes some irritating attempt which can cause on confronting technical errors. Don’t you get worried and hire technical Team at Avast Tech Support Number UK instantaneously. Activation is an important task to utilize your antivirus services. You may get issues while activating the Avast Product in Mac. The question is what can be done to get it activated without any blunders. You need to troubleshoot the issues you have confronted while activating your product. When you want to troubleshoot activation issues, you can follow the below given in…

Smart Steps to Be Adopted While Purchasing a Printer?

The present structure of office is so modernized that it has made even the work smart and intelligent. Gone are the days when traditional form of work used to be executed following similar form of strategies. In the present time period, office management has adopted machineries for carrying out work in a much flexible manner. Talking about this, HP Printer has managed to reshape the overall working environment.

So, most of the experts have adopted proper channels like - HP Printer Help Desk Number UK. Professionals and other representatives of HP Printer have worked day and night for making sure concrete results is being delivered. Representatives of HP Printer always adopt correct steps in making sure that user or purchaser of HP Printer does not have to worry at all. In most of the cases user do get embroiled into unnecessary form of explanations that don’t turn out to be effective in the longer version. 
The simple and effective reason why HP Printer should brand of printer opted in…

Unable To Save Adobe PDF Files In Internet Explorer?

Adobe is treated as a set of programs that is highly supported and culled by people round the world. When you save any Adobe PDF from the Adobe Acrobat add-on toolbar in Windows Internet Explorer, it remains as it is and nothing happens. The file cannot be saved as it doesn’t open with the location to save.
What you need to do is just change the settings in Adobe Reader so that you can view and then save Adobe Acrobat documents by using Adobe Reader. Thereafter, you can choose for the Adobe Acrobat documents from the web using Internet Explorer, and accordingly you can view and then download documents as per your desire to. But make sure that you have installed with the latest version of the Adobe Product, if you are getting issues in installing it up to date then you can connect to the technical team at Adobe Technical Helpline Number UKfor instant support.
Having up to date version of the product, you can go for disabling the Display PDF in browser option in Adobe Reader. Follow t…